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-the Essence -of Music: New Site !! and Episode 37

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Hey all I just wanted to let you guys know we've completely redone the website:


It features a new forums section for music, events etc. It is multimedia based (post streams, videos, audio, flash), upload your own avatars, post videos, audio .. all sorts of things. I want it to turn it into a user driven new music review section (since most magazine reviews leave much to be desired.).

I've posted a sample of under album reviews..

the site is really beta still so there will likely be some hiccups.. but feedback, suggestions, critiques (what other features would you like) are *really* appreciated ..

Those of you on subscription many end up seeing the old episodes show up again .. just delete those tags from itunes and continue on w/ new episodes as they come..

Speaking of which episode 37 is up.. its a lot more 'sane' as far as not being all over the place in terms of BPM .. so this is the "sane" episode :)

Playlist and Podcast Definition are Below:

You do not need an ipod to listen to a podcast. It is simply a downloadable/portable radio/club mix. There is a web interface that lets you listen to the music/images from website itself (by clicking "listen"). Also if you use itunes, you can subscribe to the podcast, and it will auto-download each episode weekly for you. (There is a "subscribe" button on the podcast page). If you don't use itunes, any "podcast downloading" program such as Juice will work and will let you use your media player of choice. We now have mp3 as well as mp4/aac based music feeds if your portable player or software can not use m4as.


Opus 3 – it’s a fine day (edit)
Ladytron –seventeen
Moonrock – see a lot (more myrr mix)
Delerium – truly (feat: nerino pallot)
Covenant – the men
Reaper – Totengraber (orthodox version)
Scandy – I saw god on tv
S.I.N.A. – Glamourboy (remix By Sick En For)
Front 242 – animal (zoo)
re/move – are we here?
Vnv nation – electronaut
Virtual embrace – dementia (version 2)
Schiller mit Heppner – dream of you (langspiel-fassung)
Hooverphonic – everytime we live together we die a bit
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