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-the essence of Music : Episode 26

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the essence - of music: an Electronic/Synthetic Podcast
Episode 26 of

your synthetic electronic, EBM, Futurepop, New wave and Alternative Dance Podcast (at 192kb aac/mp4 !) is now available :


(Episodes 1-25 are still available (w/in itunes and on the web) as well )
Anyway thanks again for listening and all that good stuff :)

I was kind of under the weather when i made this .. so this episode seems really backwards to me.. i'm not sure how to explain it.. its just "backwards" ?

btw i am going to japan for a week so i'm going to try and make next weeks episode early but there will probably not be an episode the week after.. (but we'll be back after that)

p.s. thanks for all the feedback!

Playlist and Podcast Definition are below:

You do not need an ipod to listen to a podcast. It is simply a downloadable/portable radio/club mix. There is a web interface that lets you listen to the music/images from website itself (by clicking "listen"). Also if you use itunes, you can subscribe to the podcast, and it will auto-download each episode weekly for you. (There is a "subscribe" button on the podcast page). If you don't use itunes, any "podcast downloading" program such as Juice will work and will let you use your media player of choice.

The normal – warm leatherette
Freezepop – supersprode (bunnyhug remix)
Fischerspooner – invisible
Waldorf – you’re my disco (new romantic mix)
New order – bizarre love triangle
Welle:erdball - commodore 64
SPOCK – All Alone
Peaches – tombstone
Dismantled – get it through
Combichrist – this shit will fuck you up
Unter null – sick fuck (aesthetic perfection mix)
C/A/T – Smashed [v .2 ]]
S.I.N.A. – I Don’t Care
Heimaturde – gib mir
And one – panzermensch
Covenant – feedback
Fr/action – new flesh
Evil’s toy - silvertears
Alphaville – monkey in the moon

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